Welcome! I want to introduce you to the very busy world of a travel writer/author/publisher. Actually I wear a few more  hats as well. Both travel writing and non-fiction books require photography so I do a lot of that. As an author, I am often asked to speak or host a class at events or seminars. And then there is the work of getting the books out to the public. I do that not only for my own books but I publish others as well. For more about my publishing, visit one of my other sites,                      www.globalauthorspublications.com.

I am mighty proud of my books. They are all very different as you will see when you visit my books pages.
I write fiction, nonfiction and travel books, some with a touch of paranormal. I especialy like to see them in Independent bookstores.
(Read Letter to Independent Bookstores)

Besides writing books, I write articles. I love to travel then write articles telling everybody about the best places to visit.

You can visit my ezine at www.americanroads.net for  articles by myself and some of the best travel journalists around.

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