Open Letter to Independent Bookstores
  1. As a independent bookstore owner, can you compete with Amazon? Why do they draw such a big share of the readers? It's simple. They buy cheap, but your typical price is 60% of retail with too little wiggle room to offer price slashing sales. I love independent bookstores so I am offering you a way to beat Amazon at their own game. Buy my books directly from me and get a 50% discount. If you want to buy more of these books I can give you an even better discount. Just email me at I'm the author of a variety of fiction, travel and other nonfiction books. It doesn't matter if you are a new customer or have stocked my books previously. The catalog of these books is now available with a discount that will let you compete with Amazon. They are all professionally edited and published trade paperbacks. Choose any of my books from now to July 30, 2016 and get 50% off. You can then afford to offer them at a lower price than normal to your buyers. Here is the special discount order form for you. All that is required is that you be a legitimate retailer. That includes any store that sells books no matter if your book section is just one small shelf of a museum or retail outlet. You must be buying for resale, and purchase at least four books. It's that simple. Check out Then use this These will open as PDFs on your computer not a web page so that you can save for your own use. If you would like the books autographed and have an "autographed" sticker on them, just let me know. You have 30 days to pay so you may sell all of the books before you even have to pay for them. Yes, you can get these books from Ingram and they are returnable. But you won't get the extra discount and the autograph I will give. PS: Act now. Order now and you will get a surprise free book. PS2: If you want to receive special offers like this about that allow you to buy books at a better discount, you can opt in here. SUBSCRIBE TO GREAT BOOK DEALS
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