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ISBN: 0-9742161-3-5
116 pages
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Vickie's daughter is dead. Just one more dead druggie among the hundreds that die each year in Jacksonville, Florida's drug infested slums. The police aren't concerned about her drug-related death.

VICKIE needs to know. Was it an accidental overdose, or murder? To find the answer, she
must leave her safe life behind and plunge into the terrors of the drug culture. Will the
search lead her to love? Or will she end up on a morgue slab, just one more casualty in
the war against drugs?

HANK His mistakes caused the death of those he loved most. Drug addiction is his sworn
enemy. His chosen life has no place in it for love until he meets Vickie.
JOE His money and power haven't been able to save his marriage or his son's love. He seeks Vickie's love but what are his secrets...


He brought his gaze back to Vickie Bloomer. Her sapphire eyes never wavered. "Ms. Bloomer, I can't believe what you're telling me."

"That makes us even detective, I cannot believe what you tell me about my daughter's death"

"Let me get this straight. You left your husband and moved into the Parliament House so you can find your daughter's killer. You want me to share any evidence we have with you. Is that correct?"

"You've got it," she replied. Ignoring his sarcastic manner, her shapely bottom was firmly plunked in the chair across from him.

He rubbed his hand across his eyes. There were some parts of his job he didn't like. Having to deal with distraught relatives of murder victims ranked high on that list. He sighed. "What makes you think there is any evidence? The coroners office ruled it self inflicted."

"Come on, detective. Don't you think I know why they ruled that way? A druggie is found dead of an overdose in a roach hotel. She's been involved in a drug related homicide when her drug dealing friend killed her husband eight years ago. She'd been in and out of jail for prostitution, shoplifting, and dealing stolen merchandise. I know law enforcement personnel is stretched to the limit in Duval County and no one wants to waste time on a worthless druggie death. But, you're forgetting one thing."

"Oh, and what is that, Ms. Bloomer?" He leaned across the desk until their faces were only inches apart. Mike knew there was a lot of truth in what she had said. He and Jack had argued over some of what they found at the scene, however, a good police office followed orders. Officially, the death was self inflicted.

"Your ‘worthless druggie' was my little girl." Her blue eyes bored into his brown ones, and it was the brown that looked away.

Praise for Last Step

Fast paced and riveting. Highly recommended.--Cindy Penn, Senior Editor: WordWeaving

Last Step is a front-row seat on a roller coaster of intrigue. -- Sally G. Laturi, Ivy Quill Reviews

A great read. with some memorable characters, a little romance and a straight-forward attack at moving a mystery along. --Carolyn Howard-Johnson, Author of "This Is The Place," "Harkening" and "The Frugal Book Promoter: How To Do What Your Publisher Won't."

The suspense-filled pace and brutally honest imagery of "Last Step" will ensure you the reader will not be able to limit this highly recommended read to a few chapters each night.--J.B. Scott