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Spacious Skies Peach Haven - The Jumping Pillow at the front of Peach Haven. Spacious Skies Peach Haven

Marquis de Lafayette statue and fountainThings to do in Lagrange, GA

25 Best Florida State Parks
5-18-2023Pier along an inland coastal waterway in Florida

The Sunsphere has Knoxville photos along its interior walls.Fun Things to do in Knoxville, TN

Six Things to Do in Townsend, Tennessee - You’re surrounded by the Smoky Mountains here.
Fun Things to do in Townsend , TN

Things to Do in Lafayette LA - Lafayette Sign Explore Cajun Country: Lafayette

Heritage Music Trail
Published 8-1-2023

Lead Alabama Shoals Photo Art Meripol Alabama Department of Tourism copy.jpgAlabama Shoals: Sights and Sounds for Snowbirds 

Glorious Gainesville GetawayGlorious Gainesville Getaway
Published 8-1-2023

Best Restaurants in Port St. Lucie
Published 8-27-2023

Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Published 7-27-2023

Ocala: the City and The Forest
Published 8-1-2023


Weird Kansas
Published 6-5-2023

bus to RCA studio aThe Show Must Go OnThe Show Must Go On
Published 3-1-2023

rockiesExploring the West Side of the Rockies
Published 3-1-2023

Lead Georgia  Photo Kathleen Walls copy.JPG The Hearts of Rural Georgia
 Published 1-11-2023

guide shows habitat plans Catty Shack Offers Help for Homeless Animals
Published 1-30-2023

bar at manifest distilling Manifest Distilling.
 Published 1-25-2023

North Georgia Mountains
 Published 1-1-2023
 This if a PDF from a Family RVing Magazine so it may take awhile to load..

Walking with Patsy Cline
 Published 1-7-2023

my wine Starr Hill Winery and Vineyard
 Published 12-8-2022

Lead Wakulla County Photo Kathleen Walls copy.JPG Florida’s Wakulla County
 Published 12-2-2022

Entrance to Night of a Million Lights in Kissimmee, FloridaSix Festive Events Not to Miss in Kissimmee
Published 11-29-2022

anna maria island beach Anna Maria Island
 Published 11-16-2022

trinkle mansion Trinkle Mansion Bed & Breakfast
 Published 11-15-2022

isett_museum  Isett Heritage Museum
Published 11-14-2022

sign at bilgers rocksBilger’s Rocks:  A 300-Million-Year-Old Rock City
Published 11-1-2022

Mar Vista; Longboat Key, FloridaMy 11 Favorite Restaurants Near Tampa
Published 10-31-2022

Colonial graves at the Bonaventure CemeterySeven Amazing Experiences in Savannah Related to "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"
Published 10-27-2022

Sistrunk Marketplace in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.Six Fabulous Reasons You Need To Visit Fort Lauderdale’s Newest Food Hall
Published 10-23-2022

Statue and barrels at Eagle Harbor Winery in Bainbridge Island, Washington. 21 Fantastic Experiences Near Bremerton, Washington
 Published 10-25-20222

 Casa Monica in St. Augustine, Florida

Five Haunted Hotels in the South
Published 10-8-2022

oldest store in St AugustineNew Fun in America's Oldest City
Published 11- 2022

This if a PDF from a Family RVing Magazine so it may take awhile to load.

lighthouse and keepers homeExperience Kitsap Peninsula, Washington
Published 10-14-2022


RC's restaurant Five Best Restaurants in St. Joseph, Missouri
Published 7-31-2022

Pony Express exhibit at Patee HouseVisit a Time Machine at Patee House Museum
Published 9-1-2022

Tiger on top of shelterNoah's Ark Animal Sanctuary
Published 8-30-2022

Mark Twain's boyhood homeThe Two Sides of Mark Twain
Published 8-24-2022

St Louis ArchFive Stops on a Missouri Roadtrip
Published 8-23-2022

Lead Gulf Shores Alabama Photo Tad Denson Alabama Tourism copy.jpg The Pulse of the Heart of Dixie
 Published 9-8-2022

author with wolfVisiting the Panhandle's Washington County
Published in August/September issue

harrison hardware storeHuntsville Before it became Rocket City
Published 5-23-2022

whale tail at Virginia beachAn Ideal Southern RV Getaway
Published 7-13-2022

Mark twain exhibit Discover Mark Twain in Hannibal, Missouri
 Published 8-29-2022                                  

Brookstown Inn: Where Winston Joined Salem
Published 6-25-2022





The barrier island, located near Jacksonville, Florida, makes for an adventurous day trip—with camping options if you want to stay longer.





Learn about Helen Keller at her birthplace and witness the play "The Miracle Worker" in June and July.









Between its history, art, and wildlife, Florida's Panhandle is the real Florida, and these 20 places back that claim.











Bears, Bigfoot, and blackberries: Georgia’s Okefenokee Swamp is like ‘no other place in the world’
Published Roadtrippers 3-18-2022
One of Georgia’s Seven Natural Wonders, the 700-square-mile Okefenokee Swamp was once part of the ocean floor. Even the patches of land dotting the wetland are not too stable; trees often shake like they’re about to be torn from the earth and capsize. The name Okefenokee comes from a Creek word meaning “trembling earth.” Located in the middle of the swamp, in the southeast corner of Georgia, is Stephen C. Foster State Park—remote and filled with wildlife, nature, and few people, it’s a perfect camping destination. 

Cross Creek, A look at Old Florida
Published Florida Country 4-1-2022
A visit to Marjarie Kinnan Rawings home.

Life Under Eight Flags: Amelia Island
Publishe World Footprints February 15, 2022
Amelia Island is a blend of cultures that lived under eight flags. It was a haven for pirates, con men, and hardworking settlers from many countries. From the Timucuans who met the first French and later Spanish settlers, to the Jim Crow era and the founding of American Beach, where African Americans could frolic freely, it has a unique history and offers a perfect vacation spot with fewer crowds than better known Florida beach towns. 

Jekyll Island Before It Was a Millionaires’ Playground
Published World Footprints 1-7-2022
Jekyll Island today is well known as a Georgia State Park where we can view a preserved piece of the lifestyle of the elite during the time of the robber barons. But did you know it also has a piece of history that was a factor in the Civil War? 

Montgomery’s Civil Rights Story
Published World Footprints 12-8-2021
Montgomery was the spark that lit the fuse on the long-simmering fight by African Americans for their civil rights. It began a movement that is still ongoing today. Several museums there trace the story. No matter your race, if you believe that the American Flag stands for “liberty and justice for all,” you should visit these museums.

9 Delicious Restaurants I Loved On Alabama’s Gulf Coast
Published Travel Awaits 3-25-2022
The Gulf Shores and Orange Beach areas of Alabama are fast becoming some of Alabama’s most popular destinations. Its miles of white sand beaches combined with attractions ranging from cruises to history are a big reason to visit, but its fantastic dining options are a big factor as well. 

14 Fantastic Things To Do In Historic Shelby, North Carolina
Published Travel Awaits 3-22-2022

5 Fantastic History-Changing Forts To Visit In Florida
Published Travel Awaits 1-31-2022
Northeast Florida has five fantastic history-changing forts that are fun to visit. Each began life at a different time and has an interesting story to tell. All have costumed re-enactors at certain times, and they are all are near beaches and many other attractions.

My 4 Favorite Colorado Small Towns Near National Parks And Monuments
Published Travel Awaits 11-23-2021
When people think of Colorado, they think skiing. Towns bordering national parks have a different flavor; one worth sampling. One of America’s oldest mysteries surrounds the Ancestral Publeons, ancestors of the present-day Pueblo tribes, and why they built elaborate cliff dwellings and then abandoned them. On a hosted press trip, our anthropologist/guide, Jim Colleran, told us that in Montezuma County, Colorado, there are over 20,000 sites.

8 Amazing Experiences In Southeast Florida’s Largest State Park
Published Travel Awaits 1-29-2022
Jonathan Dickinson State Park on the Loxahatchee River is the largest state park in Southeast Florida. It’s the perfect place to visit any time of the year. It’s in Martin County, Florida, which offers you wonderful places to explore while camping at Jonathan Dickinson Park. 

12 Fantastic Things To Do On Beautiful Jekyll Island, Georgia
Published Travel Awaits 12-16-2021
Whether you’re looking for beach fun, natural wonders, or historic treasures, Jekyll Island is your kind of place. I’ve visited it many times and love the mixture it offers. Its beaches are unique and there are remnants of its history. The most widely known are the “cottages” and clubhouse of the millionaires who bought this island for their playground in 1886. The same things that attracted the Vanderbilts and Rockefellers are here for us to enjoy today. And more.

9 Fabulous Restaurants To Try On Jekyll Island, Georgia
Published Travel Awaits 12-13-2021
As diverse as the attractions are on Jekyll Island, it’s no surprise the dining options are equally diverse. Here, I share some favorites. They’re presented in no particular order, and each has its strong points. It all depends on whether you are looking for a fast snack while you browse the historical section of Jekyll Island, some solid food for a big appetite, or a relaxing meal at the end of the day.

8 Amazing Experiences On Florida’s Merritt Island For Nature Lovers
Published in Travel Awaits 1-28-2022
There’s another space in Merritt Island besides Kennedy Space Center worth visiting. Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge (MINWR) is a slice of natural Florida. It’s ironic that some of the most pristine ecosystems in Florida surround one of the most secure, high-tech government facilities in the county.

The Not Too Little Zoo That Can
Published 3-29-2022
Gulf Shores Zoo became a household word as "The Little Zoo That Could" when a prime-time documentary told how the zoo's saved its animals in 2004 before Hurricane Ivan struck Gulf Shores. It all began in 1989 when Joey Ward built a small, community zoo on his family's land just a mile from the beach. He named it Zooland Animal Park. By 2000 it had grown and was renamed The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo.

Shelby: Land of Rythym and Roots
 published 3-24-2022
Shelby in Cleveland County is just 45 minutes west of Charlotte but a completely different world. Creativity reigns here. Two music legends were born in Cleveland County, Earl Scruggs and Don Gibson. Art is all over Cleveland County. Museums are unique. Shopping and dining is laid back and individually owned not chains.

Winston-Salem, Where Two Cultures Collide
 published 3-6-2022
Can you imagine a culture of socialistic church members in a society where the church controlled all aspects of life and owned all property in the settlement and smoking, drinking and partying was forbidden ever finding common ground with capitalistic tobacco manufactures?

Tampa Bay:The Place to Play
 Published 12-17-2021
Tampa Bay is one of Florida’s most popular playground areas. It has such a variety of attractions even a picky group will find something each party will enjoy

Ghost of Ybor City
Max Herman of Official Ybor City Ghost Tours introduced me to his “friend,” Don Vicente Martinez de Ybor, the cigar entrepreneur who founded Ybor City in 1886. Of course, the “friend” is just a bronze statue, but without him, Ybor City would not exist. Ybor City is like a city within a city. It has some of the most haunted building in America. It’s one of only three National Historic Landmark Districts in Florida. Max led me on a terrific ghost tour of Ybor City. The Official Ybor City Ghost Tour is so good it’s ranked #1 ghost tour on US City Traveler. One thing that differentiates it from other tours is you go into some buildings, not just look from outside. In addition, my guide told a lot of authentic Ybor City history.

20 Incredible Things To Do In Athens, Georgia
Published in Travel Awaits 12-1-2021
Athens’s double-barreled cannon that sits in front of city hall is a perfect symbol for the city. It’s a double-barreled city, and both barrels are loaded with lots of fun for visitors. 

This Florida Gem Is The State’s Oldest And World’s Largest Spanish Restaurant
Published by Travel Awaits on 11-19-2021
Ybor City is a small city within a city. It’s part of Tampa Bay but Ybor City, once a separate city, differs greatly from the rest of Tampa. Ybor City began in 1886 when Don Vicente Martinez Ybor, a well-to-do Spanish cigar manufacturer, came to Florida from Cuba. He first set up in Key West, but later moved to the Florida Gulf Coast and built his own town. He invited other cigar manufacturers to come and together they made Ybor City, the Cigar Capital of the World.

 My 4 Favorite Colorado Small Towns Near National Parks And Monuments
Published in Travel Awaits 11-30-2021
When people think of Colorado, they think skiing. Towns bordering national parks have a different flavor; one worth sampling. 

This Monument To Unrequited Love Is One Of The Most Mysterious Castles In The World
Published in Travel Awaits 11-2-2021
I visited one of Florida’s most mysterious structures in the small South Florida town of Homestead. It’s called Coral Castle but wasn’t designed for royalty. A poor man who immigrated to Florida City recovering from illness and a broken heart built it.

Discover Live Mermaids In Florida’s Weeki Wachee Springs State Park
Published in Travel Awaits 10-30-2021
On November 1, 2008, Weeki Wachee Springs became Florida’s 162nd state park. Its crystal-clear blue spring waters draw about 420,000 visitors annually. You can kayak or swim in Florida Springs and see native Florida wildlife in many places. 

The Unique Island In Florida Inhabited By Wild Spider Monkeys
Published by Travel Awaits 10-28-2021
Monkey Island is a unique attraction in Citrus County, Florida. It is a tiny island in the middle of the Homosassa River, inhabited by five monkeys. I loved watching them frolic from the restaurant window.

Florida's Little Melting Pot, Ybor City
Published in World Footprints 11-6-2021
Don Vicente Martinez Ybor, a Spaniard, came to Florida from Cuba. He first set up his cigar-making factory in Key West but found his mostly Cuban workers often left to return home. He moved to Florida’s western coast on Tampa Bay and built his own town and cigar manufacturing empire. He invited other cigar manufacturers to join him and together they became the cigar capital of the world. 

Dade Battlefield: small Park, Big Story
Published in World Footprints  11-2-2021
Dade Battlefield is a small state park in Bushnell, Florida that tells a big story of one of America’s most forgotten wars. The Second Seminole War is a story of a people fighting to save their homeland from invasion. It’s sad that the invader was the United States.

Best Things to do in Muscle Shoals
Published by Rovology  9-7-2021
There's lots to do in The Shoals, AL.

Maybellene's First Camping Trip
Published 9-20-2021
Maybellene’s first camping trip went well as far as her performance. The rain both days dampened the trip some but it was a good test.

Chattanooga Dining
Published 9-13-2021
Sure, you visit Chattanooga for the world famous attractions like Rock City, Ruby Falls, and Tennessee Aquarium. You do the less known ones

Byron Herbert Reece’s Blairsville
Published in Deep South Magazine 9-16-2021
Byron Herbert Reece, known as "the Farmer Poet," was born at the site of what is now Vogel State Park in Blairsville,

"Ain't it Grand!"
Published 8-30-2021
I'll bet the first thing the early Rocky Mountain explorers said when they viewed Grand Lake near the headwaters of the majestic Colorado River with the backdrop of the Rockies framing it was, "Ain't it grand!" 

Remember The Forgotten Coast
Published 8-21-2021
 It earned the name "The Forgotten Coast" when it was omitted from a map depicting the local businesses in Florida. Once you visit, you won't forget it.

10 Best Things to do in Blairsville, GA
Published by Rovology 8-7-2021
Lots to see and do in Blairsville.

6 Fun Towns to visit in Louisiana
Published by Travel Awaits 7-11-2021
There are lots of places to visit iin LA besides New Orleans

Music Made for All in The Shoals
Published by World Footprints 7- 8-2021
Perhaps no place in America has merged music from artists of all races more than The Shoals area, which consists of Florence, Sheffield, Tuscumbia, and Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

Best Things to do in Chattanooga
Published by Rovology 8-2-2021
There's lots to see and do in Chattanooga.

Macon has More
Published 8-1-2021
I know there are some places in Macon I haven't visited. However, I was surprised to recently learn of an outstanding event I had not known about before.

A musical history road trip through the South
Published by RoadTrippers 7-16-2021
Explore museums and sip moonshine from Memphis to Macon

6 Fantastic Day Trips from Atlanta
Published by Travel Awaits 7-11-2021
Roswell, Dalton, Ellijay, Blairsville, Columbus, and Macon will thrill you.

Best Things to do in Macon
Published by Rovology 7-24-2021
There's lots to see and do in Macon, GA

Take a Road Trip
Published 7-5-2021
Ever wonder what it is like to take a real road trip? Imagine a trip where you went from the highest mountain in one state to the deepest cave in another.

6 Fantastic Day Trips from Jacksonville, FL
Published by Travel Awaits 6-1-2021
Lake City, St. Augustine, Deland,and Georgia's Golden Isles are fabalous day trips.

A Piece of History: Camp Blanding Museum
Published 5-17-2021
 Sometimes hidden treasures are right in your face. Like many others, I took home county sites for granted. Sure, I live just a few miles from Camp Blanding and can hear the booms of drills often. Camp Blanding began in 1939 as a Florida National Guard training site and remains that today. What I wasn't thinking about was the Camp Blanding Museum telling its history.

Beyond the Beaches
Published by Family RVing  2-1-2021
Explore West Volusia County

Black History is Embedded in Saint Augustine
Published 2-1-2021
hen it comes to Black History Month, no place figures more in Black history than Saint Augustine

19 Best Things to Do in Orlando North, Florida
Published  by Family RVing 3-20-2021
Orlando North — If you’re heading towards central Florida this winter, consider skipping Orlando and sample the charms of its northern neighbor, Seminole County.

The Roswell Incident
Published 1-23-2021
Roswell, New Mexico was described as "West of lost and North of nowhere"in the 1993 documentary UFO Secret: The Roswell Crash by New Century Productions. 


Florida Cracker Lifestyle
at Barberville Pioneer Settlement

Published 12-8-2020
There's a special place in West Volusia County where you can time travel. Barberville Pioneer Settlement transports you back to the turn of the century .

Visiting William Bartram's River of Lakes
Published 12-20-2020
William Bartram came to West Volusia County 255 years ago with his father. He was intrigued enough to return in 1774. 


The Art of DeLand
Published 10-30-2020
The town of DeLand, Florida began in 1876 when a New York businessman, Henry A. DeLand, visited and fell in love with the area. He remained there and built his home. 

Car Camping at Palmetto State Park
Published 10-16-2020
Car camping is becoming more popular. Many years ago I camped in everything from a station wagon to a stretched tarp between trees to motor homes and every kind of camping in-between. After getting hooked on RVing and Glamping, I thought "no more primitive stuff like car camping for me." I was wrong. 

Best Places You Never Heard Of
Published 8-20-2020
Being trapped at home courtesy of Corona Virus has me thinking of many lesser known places I visited over my years of travel writing and want to visit again . Each of these places has a unique treasure you won't find anywhere else.


13 Best Things to Do in West Volusia, Florida
Published 2-24-2021
West Volusia, Florida, is Nirvana to Nature lovers, especially birders. In December 1971, Jacques Cousteau came to Blue Spring, Florida, to film an episode of The Underwater World .

10 Best Things to Do in Bay St. Louis/Waveland, Mississippi
Published 5- 25-2020
Bay St. Louis/Waveland, Mississippi — The Bay St. Louis/Waveland area of Mississippi is often overlooked by vacationers. That's a big mistake for travelers looking for an exciting vacation spot


The Women of Cane River’s Melrose Plantation
Published in Deep South Magazine 4-2-2020
Louisiana's historic plantation exists today as a cultural and literary destination thanks to several strong women.

Tracking Bigfoot in Georgia
Published in Deep South Magazine 9-10-2019
A museum in the North Georgia Mountains explores the reality of Bigfoot through evidence, artifacts and factual accounts.

Chapel Hill Creamery
Published in Grit Magazine May/June 2020
Say “cattle raising,” and the average person probably thinks of a rugged guy on horseback twirling a lasso to round up beef cattle. Such is not the case at Chapel Hill Creamery.

Published in Travel the South 7-15-2020
Ten places in New Orleans that contributes to a unique time in New Orleans history. Anyone who visits them comes away with a much broader knowledge of New Orleans.

Published in Travel the South 9-5-2020
There are a quartet of museums that tell Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s story from all sides.

Published in Travel the South 3-21-2020
Beaumont is an appetizing dish for any palate. Take art, history, culture, nature, food, and mix it well with oil and you have Beaumont, Texas.

8 Best Things to Do in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Published in Rovology 9-8-2020
Travel and Leisure Magazine named only seven U.S. cities on their list "The 50 Best Places to Travel in 2020", and Oklahoma City was included. The writers cited it as an upcoming arts and culture.

12 Best Things to Do on Cumberland Island, Georgia
Published in Rovology on 9- 9-2020
Cumberland Island is the largest of the Sea Islands off the coast of the Southeastern United States. President Richard Nixon established the Cumberland Island National Seashore on October 23, 1972

10 Best Things to Do in Roswell, Georgia
Published in Rovology on 8-3-2020
So often Roswell, Georgia is considered just another part of Atlanta. That's a big mistake. Roswell has much to offer visitors in history, nature, and more. Its unique 640-acre Historic District has a …

10 Best Things to Do in Las Cruces, New Mexico
Published in Rovology on 6-26-2020
Las Cruces is a mixture of old and new; this piece of Chihuahuan Desert surrounded by mountains today hosts a space program. Native Americans, Spain, Mexico, Texas, and finally the U.S. fought over …

12 Best Things to Do in the Outer Banks, North Carolina
Published in Rovology on 5-29-2020
The Outer Banks run for 100 miles along the coast of North Carolina. It's a series of barrier islands, most about one mile wide, connected by bridges and ferries making it easy to travel around.

19 Best Things to Do in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Published in Rovology on 5-26-2020
Pittsburgh was once a gritty steel mill city. Not anymore. Now it’s a place to have fun and enjoy some of the best food in the nation. It is filled with natural attractions, cultural centers, and …

10 Best Things to Do in Bay St. Louis/Waveland, Mississippi
Published in Rovology on 5-25-2020
The Bay St. Louis/Waveland area of Mississippi is often overlooked by vacationers. That's a big mistake for travelers looking for an exciting vacation spot or a relaxing weekend.

12 Best Things to do in Birmingham, Alabama
Published in Rovology on 5-22-2020
Birmingham is known as the Magic City, and a visit there confirms the magic. You will find so much that you never knew, from the Civil Rights Trail to fine dining. It's fun and …

20 Best Things to Do in St. Augustine, Florida
Published in Rovology on 5-4-2020
St. Augustine is the oldest city in the country and consequently has a great selection of museums and attractions. There is so much to see, but I tried to pick the most historically important sites. …

10 Best Things to Do in Savannah, Georgia
Published in Rovology on 5-2-2020
Savannah is shrouded in interesting history and many ghost stories. The city’s museums tell its unique story. These are the places you should not miss.…

3 Best Things to Do in Central Louisiana
Published in Rovology on 4-24-2020
Take a road trip around the back roads of central Louisiana and you'll find some of the best places you’ve never heard of.

12 Best Things to Do in Lake Charles, Louisiana
Published in Rovology 4-16-2020
Lake Charles and all of Calcasieu Parish are unique in that they are part of what was once a no man's land (in today's terms, a demilitarized zone.) When Napoleon sold the Louisiana Purchase …

Mardi Gras World
Published in Weekender Extended 9-1-2020 pg 41
The rich history of Kern Studios dates back to 1932, when the first mule drawn float was built on the back of a garbage wagon.

Florida Cracker Lifestyle at Barberville Pioneer Settlement
Published in American Roads and Global Highways on 12-8-2020
There's a special place in West Volusia County where you can time travel. Barberville Pioneer Settlement transports you back to the turn of the century when Florida was the wild frontier. The buildings range from the late 1800s to early 1900s and present a way of life that is all but forgotten now. It's the perfect place to blend education with fun in a safe, mainly-outdoor environment.

Visiting William Bartram's River of Lakes
Published in American Roads and Global Highways on 11-30-2020
William Bartram came to West Volusia County 255 years ago with his father. He was intrigued enough to return in 1774. He was one of America's first naturalists to visit and write about Florida. His book, Travels Through North And South Carolina, Georgia, East and West Florida, The Cherokee Country, The Extensive Territories of The Muscogulges, or Creek Confederacy, and The Country Of The Chactaws, —They went in for long titles those days—was one of the first naturalists' books published by the fledgling United States in 1791.

The Art of DeLand
Published in American Roads and Global Highways on 10-30-2020
The town of DeLand, Florida began in 1876 when a New York businessman, Henry A. DeLand, visited and fell in love with the area. He remained there and built his home. The city was incorporated in 1882 and named in his honor. It has blossomed into a delightful place to visit. No hustle and bustle, no traffic and no parking problems create a wonderful background for dining, shopping, and relaxing. Since I visited near Halloween, it's only natural to include some ghostly fun spots.

Car Camping at Palmetto State Park
Published in American Roads and Global Highways on 10-16-2020
Car camping is becoming more popular. Many years ago I camped in everything from a station wagon to a stretched tarp between trees to motor homes and every kind of camping in-between. After getting hooked on RVing and Glamping, I thought "no more primitive stuff like car camping for me." I was wrong. On a trip last year, I had a long drive of about thirteen hours between places that were graciously hosting me. Being cheap, I decided to go back to the old ways and do a night of car camping.

Athens, The Classic City
Published in American Roads and Global Highways on 10-3-2020
This is an excerpt from the latest edition of Georgia's Ghostly Getaways. It is available at Kindle books.
Check out my other books at the home page
College towns seem to attract haunts. So do historic districts, Athens, with its eclectic mix of brash young college students and descendants of the legendary antebellum gentry, is a natural habitat of ghostly legends.

Finding Florida's Phantoms in Ocala
Published in American Roads and Global Highways in 9-23-2020
Just outside the city of Ocala lies a different "Magic Kingdom." Mother Nature rules this kingdom. It's the Ocala National Forest, 430,000 scenic acres of the most diverse terrain imaginable. It contains highlands, swamps, 600 lakes, countless
ponds, 23 streams and springs of clear crystal water, it’s bounded by the slow, dark waters of the Oklawaha River on the west and the larger, faster moving St. Johns River on the east. It is the oldest national forest east of the Mississippi and it has its ghostly secrets.

Best Places You Never Heard Of
Published in American Roads and Global Highways in 8-2-2020
Being trapped at home courtesy of Corona Virus has me thinking of many lesser known places I visited over my years of travel writing and want to visit again . Each of these places has a unique treasure you won't find anywhere else. Here are just a few of my favorites. You can click on the linked names for more about that place.

West Baton Rouge Museum
Published in American Roads and Global Highways in 4-16-2020
When most people think Louisiana plantations, cotton is what comes to mind. However another crop, sugar cane, was a staple. West Baton Rouge Museum tells the story of Louisiana's sugar cane industry. A trip through the museum and its many historical buildings that make up its campus is a tour through time. It gives a glimpse of life back through the years for 300 years from the Antebellum though the struggle for Civil Rights.

Baton Rouge: Born of the Water
Published in American Roads and Global Highways in 3-26-2020
Red Stick was what Native Americans called this part of the country. Baton Rouge, as we know it today, is often underconsidered as a great tourist destination. It was where Travel South held this year's conference. Yes, we worked meeting with CVB people from southern states in a speed dating format during two of the days but lunch and evenings were super fun and our first day was spent seeing some of its many attractions.

Whole Lotta History Goin' on
Published in American Roads and Global Highways in 3-19-2020
I recently returned from Travel South as the Corona Virus erupted. We're all sitting at home now and friends have asked me what a meet-up like this is like. Here is part one of an overview of Travel South starting with my pre-trip, called "A Whole Lotta History Goin' on." I hope since none of should be on the road now, you can enjoy my trip vicariously. And that you will be inspired to go see some of these fantastic places for yourself when this crisis passes.

Willie Amps it Up
Published in American Roads and Global Highways in 2-17-2020
Two events happened in 1965. Country Willie – His Own Songs became Willie Nelson's first RCA Victor album leading to his success as a singer instead of just a songwriter. The same year, the Saint Augustine Amphitheater was built commemorating Saint Augustine's 400th birthday. Willie and Saint Augustine have another thing in common, being the oldest. Willie is the oldest, male, country star still performing; Saint Augustine is the oldest city in the United States and they are both still in great form.

Fort Selden: Where History Overlaps
Published in American Roads and Global Highways 2-10-2020
Off the beaten path places always appeal to me especially if there is a history connection. Las Cruces has many. One is an ancient adobe fort that tells a story of the old west.

A Landmark Reborn: Centennial Plaza
Published in American Roads and Global Highways 2-2-2020
Little did I know many years ago when I lived in the Mississippi Gulf Coast and was attending college at The Jeff Davis Campus of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, I would get to see an amazing reincarnation 40-plus years later.

Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum
Published in American Roads and Global Highways 1-14-2020
Oklahoma City is filled with interesting places to visit. There is one that is not a fun quest but no one should pass it by without stopping. The Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum walks you through one of the most horrific acts committed in modern history.

Bayou Rum: The Spirit of Louisiana
Published in American Roads and Global Highways 1-2-2020
David Friedman, author of Food Sanity, gives us one good reason to drink rum. He states, “Also, while too much drinking can damage your brain, moderate consumption of rum may actually lower that risk: Rum has properties that may help protect your brain cells and decrease your risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Sanford and Wekiwa Springs
Published in Family RVing Magazine 12-1-2019
There's more to Florida than theme parks and tee shirt shops.

Swim Through a River of Lights
Published in Weekender Extended 12-10-2019
There’s a reason Travel Channel cites Albuquerque Bio Park Botanical Gardens as on of the top 12 in the country.

Ghost Ranch: Past and Present
Published in American Roads and Global Highways 12-13-2019
As you drive into Ghost Ranch, you are going to be driving slowly. That’s because the eye-catching beauty of the mountains surround you. You would not be human if you didn’t stop to stare at such overwhelming beauty.

Beaumont--Port Arthur where Music Lives
Published in American Roads and Global Highways 12-2-2019
The Beaumont, Port Arthur area is called the Golden Triangle in reference to the wealth that flowed in after the oil gusher at Spindletop. It could also be called “Golden” in regard to the number of gold records local musicians have earned.

Two Casitas Offer an Old Santa Fe Welcome
Published in American Roads and Global Highways 11-26-2019
Nothing is more welcoming on a cold night than a warm fire flickering in an old fashioned cast iron stove. It’s really a gas heater but it looks and feels like a real old fashioned wood one.

Alien Touch in Roswell
Published in American Roads and Global Highways 11-7-2019
Say “Roswell, New Mexico” and everyone’s first thought is “aliens.” Mine too. That’s way I am so thrilled to be here today exploring the unknown. My first stop naturally was the International UFO Museum & Research Center.

Treasures in Oklahoma City
Published in American Roads and Global Highways 11-5-2019
Oklahoma City is filled with treasures I discovered yesterday and probably many more I did not have time to visit. My stay began at the historic 21C Museum Hotel.

A Brand New Event: First Southern Cast Iron Cook Off
Published in American Roads and Global Highways 11-4-2019
I’m in Lake Charles and just visited the very first Southern Cast Iron Cook-Off. Picture Cajun food and culture, music, venders offering samples of and information about everything from alligators to cast iron pots and pans.

Bay Blues
Published Weekender Extended 11-1-2019
One Hundred Men Hall is one of Bay St Louis’s best kept secrets.

The Secret Coast
Published in American Roads and Global Highways 10-30-2019
The Secret Coast won’t stay a secret much longer. There is so much going on along Mississippi’s Gulf Coast now.

Is It Still Midnight in Savannah?
Published in World Footprints 10-23-2019
Since its founding in 1733, Savannah, Georgia has drawn visitors both temporal and spiritual, and the spooky occurrences noted throughout its history make for a thrilling experience. Here is a glimpse into the haunted history of Savannah.


Blend History with Food

Published in Weekender Extended 9-4-2019
While it’s hard to tear yourself away from the fascinating historic places related to the Battle of Franklni, like Carter House and Carnton Plantation, you do have to eat. Don’t lose that historic feeling. Gray’s on Main Street is a mix of history, food and drink...

Tracking Bigfoot in Georgia

Published in Deep South Magazine 9-10-2019
Since the beginning of recorded history, there have been sightings of a large, apelike creature. The names differ—Yetti, Sasquatch, Bigfoot—but the legends have always existed. While they have been sighted all over the country and the world, sightings in the mountains of North Georgia are almost commonplace. One researcher in northeast Georgia has founded a museum and lab to investigate the creatures. Expedition Bigfoot opened in Cherry Log in Gilmer County in February of 2016.

DeKalb County’s Terrific Trio

Published in American Roads and Global Highways 9-5-2019
Did you know DeKalb County, Georgia has a trio of unusual and fascinating museums? I didn’t until I recently visited during Travel Media Showcase.

Stone Mountain: Above it All

Published in American Roads and Global Highways 8-28-2019
Stone Mountain, a huge granite monolith towering over the landscape in DeKalb County, Georgia, is eye-candy in the highest form. Its Confederate heroes, carved in giant scale on its front, is carving is breathtaking. It’s the world’s largest bas-relief carving in North America on the largest granite outcropping.

Savannah for the Broke and Cheap

Published in American Roads and Global Highways 8-26-2019
If you’ve been putting off visiting Savannah because you think it’s expensive, think again. It can be costly especially parking but there are many free attractions well worth a visit. I just visited and had a wonderful time. There is so much to do there I will be writing about Savannah for months at least but for now, I’ll give you the skinny for doing Savannah almost free.


Elatse’Yi: Camping Without the Headaches

8-11-2019 in American Roads and Global Highways
In the not too distant past, if you wanted to get close to nature you needed to pack your camping supplies or hitch up your RV. I just did a magnificent close to nature trip with neither of those things. How? I went glamping in Ellijay in the North Georgia Mountains.

Southern Hospitality at its Peak, NashHouse Southern Spoon & Saloon

8-8-2019 in American Roads and Global Highways
NashHouse Southern Spoon & Saloon in Nashville, Tennessee is more than a dining establishment. It’s a tribute to Nashville’s Country Music icons. It’s relatively new having opened in March 2018 and is booming. Location of course is important. It’s in the Cambria Nashville hotel putting it walking distance from the Country Music Hall of Fame, Music City Center, and the Johnny Cash/Patsy Cline Museums.

R and A Orchards: Country Fresh

8-6-2109 in American Roads and Global Highways
If an apple a day really keeps the doctor away, R and A Orchards in Gilmer County, Georgia can keep you in perfect health. In this era of not knowing where our food comes from, it’s a pleasure to visit a real family run orchard and produce store. Not just for the apples. They also grow peaches, corn, cabbage, green beans, strawberries, blackberries, tomatoes, and lots of other produce on about 146 acres.

Shiloh Military National Park

8-1-2019 in Weekender Extended
What more fun place to learn our History than a national park?

Build an Ark

8-4-2019 in American Roads and Global Highways
There are many fun things to visit in Ellijay, Georgia but there is one unusual place many people might miss. If you are an animal lover this one is a must-see. It’s Build an Ark Animal Rescue. When you drive up to Coosawattee River Tubing Company on Eagle Mountain Drive, you’ll see a big red barn with pasture in front.

Westville: The 1800s Return

7-20-2019 in American Roads and Global Highways
Long awaited Westville, a living history recreation of a typical Georgia town in the 1800s is now alive and in full swing again in Columbus, Georgia. Its authentic homes and building have been moved from around the state. It had begun in Lumpkin and was closed down for a good while to complete the move. I visited there this month and was transported back to the old days.

War is Hell on the Homefront too

7-21-2019 World Footprints
St. Simons Island in Glynn County, Georgia is filled with history. Its newest museum, the World War II Home Front Museum, gives a different view of the war from typical accounts. Most WWII museums deal with the war in Europe; D- Day on Normandy Beach or battles in far-away Belgium. We all know the war impacted this country, but this museum shows how close it came to our own shores.

The Lone Writer Rides the Range

7-27-2019 in American Roads and Global Highways
“Return with me now to those thrilling days of yesteryear when the Lone Ranger rides again”--no make that the Lone Writer. Here at French Broad Outpost Dude Ranch in Eastern Tennessee, I’m getting as close to the old western days as you can get. I followed a gravel road that is not on most maps to the ranch.

Legacy of The Man in Black: Johnny Cash Museum

6-23-2019 in American Roads and Global Highways
One of the greatest musicians of our time is memorialized in a museum in downtown Nashville. Only a handful of musicians have left as large a footprint on Country Music as Johnny Cash. The Johnny Cash Museum is rated number one music museum in the world

Franklin, Tennessee’s Historic Trilogy

6-22-2019 in World Footprints
The battle of Franklin was a turning point in the Civil War. Most historians agree it was the beginning of the end for the Confederacy. The novel, Widow of the South by Robert Hicks, tells a fictionalized account from the viewpoint of a historical figure, Carrie Winder McGavock, whose family played a key role in its aftermath. But to get a complete picture of what happened in Franklin that day,.


Cross Hazzard County with Mayberry and you get Leiper's Fork

by Kathleen Walls

Leiper's Fork, Tennessee is one of the prettiest little towns you can find. It's no coincidence that as you drive into town, a bright orange car and a police cruiser catch your eye. It's the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard and Barney Fife's cruiser from the Andy Griffin Show. Leiper's Fork, just off the Natchez Trace, is very reminiscent of Mayberry or Hazzard County. However I never spotted a nefarious Boss Hogg type there. Read more

Eugenia Price's St. Simons

7-10-2019 Deep South Magazine

Eugenia Price made me fall in love with St. Simons Island long before I ever visited it. I was a young woman living in New Orleans when I discovered Price’s “Lighthouse” trilogy. Before I finished the first book, I knew two things: I was a lifelong fan, and I was going to visit St. Simons one day.





Glamping on Florida's East Coast

July 3, 2019 Weekender Extended

Suppose you love camping but your mate craves luxury hotels. There is a compromise; go glamping. I recently experienced glamping at its best using Glamping Hub and stayed at Headwaters Jupiter, an Eco Retreat on the Loxahatchee River. You would not believe how comfortable residing in three recycled shipping container can be.



Getting Catty at Jacksonville Zoo

Kathleen Walls

There are some places in Jacksonville a visitor should not miss. One of them is Jacksonville Zoo and Botanical Gardens. It's on the north side of Jacksonville and not in the main path of visitors headed into Jax's busy downtown.  It began back in 1914 and has grown ever since.  Read More.




Enjoy Regal Treatment at the King and Prince Resort

Kathleen Walls

Want to live like Royalty? That's easy. Visit The King and Prince Resort on St. Simons Island in Georgia. First off it's regally positioned right on the beach. It's more than just a hotel. The dining is both indoors and out depending on your mood. If you have had a hard day ruling your kingdom, let their luxurious spa massage your cares away. Read more.

Why Glamping?

Kathleen Walls

Are you having a Fourth of July travel fantasy?  Planning a trip offers lots of options. This year you might want to do something different, like glamping. For the uninitiated, glamping is a new way to travel. Glamping has turned camping from a rustic guy's-escape to an experience that combines the best of staying at a luxury hotel with getting back to nature.  Read more



Civil War History at a Crossroads

June 14, 2019 World Footprints

Shiloh, Mississippi monument. Photo: Kathleen Walls…they are slave or free.” Crossroads Interpretive Center Fountain. Photo Kathleen Walls A Fountain Represents the History of the U.S. Southern states are depicted on one side of the stream…Read more »



The Other Side of Corinth

Kathleen Walls

We all recognize Corinth as a history center. Its Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center detailing the Battle of Corinth and its importance in the Civil War is the first thing most of us think when we hear Corinth mentioned. I do love visiting those spots but here is another side of Corinth that makes it a fun place to visit. Read more.



Hidden Gem in Middle Tennessee

Kathleen Walls

Did you know there are hidden treasures in Middle Tennessee? I discovered a few in Perry County recently. If you're driving across Tennessee from Memphis to Nashville, Perry County  is a gem. Stop over and explore. Read more.



Commodore Hotel:History Meets Hospitality

Kathleen Walls

"In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in those years." Kathy and Michael Dumont live up to that slogan posted in the café of their Commodore Hotel in Linden, Tennessee.  Many people in retirement just take it easy and go with the flow. Not the Dumonts. In fact, they bucked the flow when they "retired" to the small town of Linden, in Perry County Tennessee named for Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry. Read more.


One Day in Columbus, Georgia

Kathleen Walls

If you just have a one-nighter in Columbus Georgia, here is the perfect way to enjoy your day; go whitewater rafting on the river, eat at SaltCellar, and stay at the Columbus Marriott. Read more.


McLemore House: A Step on Freedom's Ladder

Kathleen Walls

Franklin, Tennessee has a lot of stories to tell. Alma McLemore sat with me on the porch swing of McLemore House and told me some of that story. Alma's Porch Talks are famous around Franklin for telling about the town's African American history. Read more

Southern Food Festivals

June 9, 2019 Weekender Extended

Slugburger Festival - Corinth, Mississippi 
Andouille Festival – Laplace, Louisiana 
Ocala Culinary Festival 
Port Salerno Seafood Festival – Martin County, Florida 
Homosassa Arts, Crafts, & Seafood Festival – Homosassa Florida
A Taste of Glynn –St. Simons, Georgia


Westville: Something Old--Something New

Kathleen Walls

It's fun when something old gets refurbished to live again. But when that something gets a second rebirth it is really something unusual. This is happening now with Historic Westville.  You say you've never heard of Westville?  You will soon. It's quite a story. Read more.

OWA: Big Water

Kathleen Walls

I love to visit new places and watch them grow over the years. OWA in Foley, Alabama is just such a place. The name means big water in the Muscogee Creek language; appropriate since the destination was created and owned by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. It's an amusement park; it's a shopping and dining location; it's an entertainment center. It's like a mini Branson. Read more

Ladies of Laura

 June 4, 2019 World Footprints

Laura Plantation House. Photo: Kathleen WallsWe think of southern ladies of yore as deferring to their gentlemen about anything concerning business. Not so with the ladies of Laura Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana. Starting with Nanette Prud’Homme in 1808, the strong Creole women of this family managed the business of their sugar plantation in a masculine-oriented world until 1891.

Gangsters, Monkeys, and Mines

May 30-2019 World Footprints

What once was old is now new in Florida’s Marion County. One of the “newest” attractions in the city of Ocala, has roots going back nearly 100 years, commemorating an epic FBI shootout with a notorious gang that ended the era of gangsters in the United States. Other attractions in the north-central Florida area are even older—dating back to the 19th century, though they have been repurposed to offer a unique Florida experience.

The Real Cassadaga

Kathleen Walls

Cassadage Spiritualist Camp is one of the most unique places in Florida. It is possibly the most misunderstood as well.  So many people view mediums as charlatans at carnivals. Here you learn a completely different version. Read more

For Real Louisiana Food

Kathleen Walls

New Orleans is not the only place in Louisiana that you find mouth-watering dishes.  While you visit Antebellum plantations in the River Parishes, you can find a few places in the small city of LaPlace that can show some big-name chefs a thing or two. Read More


Spring into Saint Augustine

Kathleen Walls

There’s a reason why USA Today counted St. Augustine among the top 10 travel destination in America last year and it was one of only three Florida cities included in TripAdvisor’s Top U.S. 25 Destinations in 2015. If you haven’t visited in a decade and remember a sleepy little town, you won’t recognize this new Oldest City. Read more

Rock Shrimp Rock at Dixie Crossroads

Kathleen Walls

Seafood lovers, have you ever eaten rock shrimp? If not, head to Dixie Crossroads in Titusville, Florida as soon as you can. These little critters are delicious and there are not too many places you can find them. They are a cross between shrimp and lobster leaning heavily to the lobster side but having the shrimp size. The story of how Dixie Crossroads began serving them is almost as good as the tasty crustacean itself. Read more

What You Need to Know about RVing

Kathleen Walls

There has been a lot of interest in RVing. People who have never done any RVing are saying "That sounds like fun." It is but there are some things that make it different from traveling in a car that you need to know. So here's a little more about our GoRVing Minnie Winnie and what it takes for a successful RV trip. Read more

Our GoRVing Trip

By Kathleen Walls

Our GoRVing trip around Florida went full bore. Not always smoothly because we had some strange technical bumps in the road. Since we nicknamed out Minnie Winnie “Ma Barker,” we can blame our problems on the ghost of Fred Barker who must have become attached to Ma Barker. She was his mother after all. Well, maybe! Or maybe strange vibes affected the electronics on the road. I'll give you a quick rundown of our trip but there will be many more stories coming down the line about all the fascinating places. Read more


Fort Caroline: Where Jacksonville Began

Kathleen Walls

Jacksonville is fast making a mark on the tourism market. People come to see the art museums, like Cummer and Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). They visit TIAA Bank Field to see the Jaguars play football.  Read More

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort:
Something for Everyone

Kathleen Walls

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort located on 200,000 scenic acres in the Laurel Highlands of Southwestern Pennsylvania can fulfill all of your dreams.  We stayed there last year for a Mid-Atlantic Travel Public Relations Alliance (MATPRA) Convention. This is far beyond its five-star rating. It's more than a hotel. It's a resort in the broadest sense of the word. RRead more



Butterflies Versus The Wall

 by Kathleen Walls

National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas, a small town near the southern border, is a modern day Garden of Eden. It is a favorite spot not only for butterflies but birds and other wildlife species. This 100-acre preserve is the largest native plant botanical garden in the country.  Read more.

Becker Farms: Agri Fun for All

by Kathleen Walls

Becker Farms in Gasport, New York, just a short drive from Niagara Falls is the kind of place every community needs. Imagine farm fresh and U-pick produce coupled with locally produced beer and wine. Add to that rental cabin for a romantic weekend and all kinds of events and you have a perfect agri tourism spot. Read more



  Detroit Foundation Hotel: Something Old, Something New

You know a city has come of age when they repurpose a classic piece of their history. Detroit has done just that with the new Foundation Hotel. It opened the 100-room boutique hotel in May 2017 in what was once in the Detroit Fire Department headquarters.

Drury Plaza Hotel:
It's More Than a Place to Lay Your Head

It's so nice when a historic building gets refurbished for a new use. Such is the case in Pittsburgh. The Drury Plaza Hotel was once the Federal Reserve Bank of Pittsburgh.  The Georgia marble faced Art Deco building began life in 1931 and was bought by the hotel in 2013 and began renovations in 2014. The Drury has kept many of the historic features.


Western New York’s New Onohsagwe:de’ Cultural Center

The Enchanted Mountains of Cattaraugus County, New York are the homeland of The Seneca Nation, one of six Native American tribes that formed a confederacy in the region. The largest of the six tribes, The Seneca, who lived in the Western part of the Confederacy, called themselves the Onondowa’ga,’ or “Keepers of the Western Door.” 

Capt. Tucker and Hercules. Photo: Kathleen Walls

Cajun Culture in Lafayette Parish

In Southern Louisiana, French Canadian migrants settled and intermingled with the existing community to create a unique ethnic group, the Cajuns, whose culture continues to thrive today. Visitors can learn more about the Cajuns through a visit to Lafayette Parish, where they can explore their history, customs, music and food.

Cajun Food: A Way of Life in Lafayette

Food is an intricate part of Cajun culture. Cafe Vermillionville, (circa 1835) was built as an inn for salesmen in Lafayette then named Vermillionville. During a Union occupation during the Civil war supposedly a Cajun shot a Union soldier for making advances at the man's wife. Rumors claim the old building is still haunted by the soldier as well a young female ghost. 

Moonshining is More Than a Business, It's a Legacy

Published in Salon 4-2018

 Fort Ligonier

 Long before United States was born, there was a world war. It started in the American
colonies and spread across Europe. There it was called the Seven Years' War.

From Slavery to Freedom:  Pittsburgh's Contribution

 Pittsburgh has so much history related to the Underground Railroad. Senator John Heinz History Center has an exhibit, From Slavery to Freedom, that tells the story...

Memorials To History

Memorials to History

Published in Family RVing in 11-2018

 Primanti Translates to Sandwich in Pittsburgh

 Say “sandwich” in Pittsburgh and it conjures up a different image than anywhere else in the world. In Pittsburgh, a sandwich is often a Primanti created by Joe Primanti during the depression.


Saxonburg: Best Pennsylvania Town You Never Heard of

Saxonburg, Pennsylvania is an example of what one immigrant can do for this country. John Roebling and his brother, Carl, came here in 1832 to escape totalitarian conditions in Germany.

 Exterior of Ziegler Cabin in Harmony, Pennslyvania. Photo: Kathleen Walls

Historic Harmony, PA

A half hour’s drive north of Pittsburgh, the tiny Western Pennsylvania town of Harmony, with a population of fewer than 1,000 people, has an unusual history that makes for a fascinating visit. Published in World Footprints

Haunted Butler County, PA

Butler County, PA has more than its share of ghost stories. Tiny Harmony, a National Historic Landmark District, was founded as a religious commune by George Rapp, a German Lutheran Separatist in 1804. Father Rapp had some... (Published in Weekender Extended Oct 3, 2018)

Exhibit of farmyard. Photo by Kathleen Walls

The Holocaust Museum  in Richmond

Some things should never be forgotten. The Holocaust is one of them. This story published in World Footprints takes you on a tour of  one of the most memorable museums you will ever visit.

Pumpkins in front of a barn



In Great Valley, New York, Pumkinville marks the fall season. Every September, fall fun lovers of all ages await the opening of Pumpkinville on the third Saturday of September. It runs through Halloween. The attraction, a cross between a roadside pumpkin seller and a festival, began in ...

Classy Casino Cuisine

Food may not be the first thing you think of when visiting a casino. Think again. Many of the casinos I have visited have some fabulous dining options from top of the line to economic buffets. Here are a few I recommend.

salad and scallops and grits

Upscale Dining in The Outer Banks  

The Outer Banks, barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina, has so many good seafood restaurants gourmets will think they died and went to Heaven. 

Bandstand at Bakers Keyoard Lounge

Bakers Lounge: A Detroit Music Icon  

Baker's Keyboard Lounge offers dining and memories. It holds claim to being the oldest continuously operated jazz club in the world. All the biggest... 

Cast of The Lost colony play on stage

 American's Oldest Unsolved Mystery

American's oldest mystery has never been solved. The story began with the settlement of Roanoke in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The prelude was ...

antebellum home

Bloomsbury Inn

If you are tired of cookie cutter hotels and want a stay where you mix history, comfort, great good relaxing surroundings, cordial hosts and a friendly cat ...

Detroit Institute of Arts

Detroit Institute of Arts

Detroit Institute of Arts is filled with more than 65,000 pieces of art from the earliest civilizations to the present day housed in over 100 galleries. A visitor from outer space could...

Detroit's Musical Heritage: More than Motown

Say "Detroit" and any music lover will think "Motown." Yes, Motown is a big part of Detroit's musical history but it's not the whole story...

Enchanted Mountains of New York

Cattaraugus County New York is known as the Enchanted Mountains for good reason. It may be a lesser known destination but there is so much to see and do among those picturesque mountains you will be enchanted.

 Rockefeller House at Carvers Creek State Park

North Carolina's Newest Treasure: Carvers Creek State Park

It's always exciting to watch a new state park develop. North Carolina's newest is Carvers Creek State Park. It was authorized in 2005 and opened the first stage in September 2013. 


Cheraw State Park 

Sometimes a state park is just a place to park your camper. At Cheraw State Park, it's a whole family adventure. Golfers will be ecstatic about the 18 hole championship course set in pine forest adjourning Jake Juniper. They will appreciate...

Niagara Falls

Mother Earth's Powerhouse: Niagara Falls 

There is nothing more beautiful than Mother Nature's most powerful places. Niagara Falls is one of those special places. I just returned from a visit there and was literally blown away. At the top of Cave of the Winds as I stood on Hurricane Deck...

large stone house known as the Wildwood Sanitarium

Wildwood Sanitarium: Do You Want to Spend The Night?

Today the stately stone building in Salamanca, New York looks deserted and run down but just looking you feel that there is a strange history. You would be right. First it was... 

  Field of American Flags at Fort Bragg's Airborne Museum

Fayetteville can Bragg

When it comes to the telling American war history, Fayetterville, North Carolina has bragging rights. Fort Bragg's 82d Airborne Division War Memorial Museum commemorates the sacrifices made by the 82 nd Airborne and Special Operation Troops in wars from...

Roomsized video at North Caralonia Aquarium Roanoke Island with alligator appearing to be near woman;s feet.

Watery Wonders at North Carolina Aquarium

The North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island is a shimmering jewel in the Outer Banks. From the moment you step through the doors and are greeted with a unique preview of the resident sea life you are... 

Delicious Detroit

People are suprised when someone mentions Detroit as a top dining city. They shouldn't be. Motor City is filled with over-the-top dining. Here's a few. Published in Weekender Extended Sept 2018.



Etowah Indian Mounds: An Ancient Treasure

There's a time machne in Georgia. Etowah Indian Mounds near Cartersville in Bartow County take you back to before Hernando De Soto and his band of gold hunting explorers tramped across Northwest Georgia.... Published in Fall 2018 issue of Georgia Connector



Living High in the Outer Banks

Where to stay and what to do in the Outer Banks. Published in Weekender Extended

First Choice Outer Banks

There is something to be said for being “The First.” My recent visit to the Outer Banks involved a lot of firsts. As I drove along Outer Banks Scenic Byway […]

Three Stops on the Trail of Tears

Chieftains Museum, New Echota, and Vann House help tell the story of the Cherokee Trail of Tears in Georgia. Published by World Footprints

The Rise and Fall of Goldsboro

Goldsboro, Florida, the second black incorporated city in the United States, which thrived and was involuntarily incorporated into Sanford. Published in World Footprints.

A little Bit of West Virginia Heaven: Capon Springs

Capon Springs’ story began in 1765 when a man named Henry Frye stumbled upon the spring. Of course Native Americans knew of the spring’s healing power

Monticello: Thomas Jefferson’s Legacy

Thomas Jefferson may have been our emerging nation’s most controversial figure.

Patsy Cline: Home is Where the Heart is

One of the most iconic names in country music history is Patsy Cline. She was the first female artist inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Saint Augustine’s Wild Side

Saint Augustine has so much to see and do in the historic and food areas. We sometimes forget the magnificent amounts of nature available there.

Birmingham’s Quirky Places

A visit to Birmingham’s quirky attractions. published in Weekender Extended
Pink honeysuyckle plant for header

Honeysuckle Teahouse: From Farm to Cup

Honeysuckle Tea House near Chapel Hill, North Carolina is a unique place in today’s world.

But Wait, There’s More

We tend to think of restaurants as separate entities but sometimes restaurants are part of something bigger. Here are a few that will offer you more than a meal.

Drop in on Ma Rainey

The singers of today who gain attention for their outrageous behaviors have nothing on Ma Rainey. Her career spanned the last few years of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Linde Marie’s Steakhouse on the Square

When she opened Linde Marie’s Steakhouse on the square in Cave Spring, Georgia in 2013, Linde Marie Wentz is quick to admit “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

Wondermade: Sticky Fun

Can you imagine a simple Christmas present turning into a worldwide business? Neither did Nathan Clark when he gifted his wife with a candy thermometer.

Winchester’s Wars

Winchester, Virginia was immersed in three of American’s wars, French and Indian War, American Revolution and Civil War.

Georgia’s Gardens of the Gods

In Georgia, art and religion often intersect. Published in Weekender Extended
Entrance to Victor's at Florence Hotel

Florence Hotel: A Blend of Old and New

We expect a hotel to have all the modern amenities and conveniences. It’s a plus when they have a unique personality and interesting history. Hotel Florence fills the bill all […]
Joplin's Mineral and History Museum entrance

Joplin’s Mineral and History Museum

How often do you find a cat in a historical museum? Add to that how often does said cat “write” for a local paper? Well, meet Percy
Sunset in Hampshire County,WV

Hampshire County, WV

West Virginia was born out of the War Between the States. Few other states were as divided in their sentiments. Hampshire County more than most of the other counties
Campground sign at entrance to Neuseway Nature Park

Small Town Atmosphere, Big City Fun

Campers and RVers, do you hate dealing with big city traffic and congestion but love to visit culinary destinations, art heavy communities or historical places? If so you will love […]
Zookeeper holds large lizard on leash in garden

Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Garden

Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Garden in Sanford, is Central Florida’s shining jewel when it comes to learning about our fellow mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.

Hinnant Family Vineyards

Just like good wines, Hinnant Family Vineyards and Winery is well aged. Daphne Evans, Hinnant’s Wine Club Director, offered us a tasting while she told us the history of the […]

The Best of the Best: Award Winning Southern Restaurants

I’ve been busy traveling on many press trips and conferences in the South lately. In my travels, I have visited a lot of award winning restaurants. Some are upscale but […]
Sculpture in Birmingham's Kelly Ingram Park

A Letter’s Legacy: Birmingham Civil Rights Trail

Letter from the Birmingham Jail is one of the most notable documents from the Civil Rights movement. On a recent press trip to Birmingham I got to visit and appreciate […]
Rear view of Old Mill Room

The Old Mill Room: Flavored with History

The Old Mill Room in Charlottesville, Virginia is the perfect dining spot after a visit to Monticello. It transports you to an earlier time. In fact it has links back […]
Outside dining at Willow Tree Cafe in Sanford

Germany without the Airfare

Want to experience Germany but can’t afford the airfare? There’s a solution. Visit Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Café in Sanford, Florida.
George Wahiington leanding troups against the Whiskey Rebellion

Bourbon: It’s not just from Kentucky

Kentucky makes fine bourbon. I’ve visited the Bardstown Kentucky Bourbon Trail and loved it. But distilleries in other states have discovered the appeal of bourbon.

Norris Dam and The Secret City

A visit to Tennessee’s TVA lake and its surrounding attractions including Oakridge, The Secret City, and Museum of Appalachia

Capon Springs, West Virginia, Almost Heaven

Hampshire County, West Virginia has a unique resort known as Capon Springs. Published in Weekender Extended.
Medieval Torture Museum

St. Augustine’s Newest Museum: Medieval Torture Museum

St. Augustine’s newest museum, the Medieval Torture Museum is so historically accurate and realistic but still fun. Published by Florida Traveler

Simple Twist

It’s known as Simple Twist for a reason. The owners are North Carolina locals Nathan and Colleen Roby. Their dream fulfillment was a simple twist of fate.

Oak Ridge America’s Secret City

Few places in the world can compete with America’s Secret City, Oak Ridge, Tennessee as a history maker. Not only was history literally made here, it was achieved with a […]

Elvis Slept Here

In the days when a Model T was the latest craze and everyone wanted one of those new fangled horseless carriages, it was only natural for new roads to spring […]

Get Your Fix on Route 66

Route 66 Museum has a modest home in the county library in Lebanon, Missouri but it tells a big story. It took me back to the earliest days of Route 66.

Ava Gardener Museum

Ava Gardner was a star of the first magnitude. A visit to her museum in Smithfield, North Carolina tells a more complete story.

Gip’s Place

Gip knows how to throw a party. The party is on every Saturday night at Henry “Gip” Gipson’s house. It’s one of the last of Birmingham’s secret treasures.

Museum of Appalachia

Want to see all of Appalachia but don’t have the time to travel that far? Instead visit Museum of Appalachia in Norris, Tennessee.

Half Moon Bay-California’s Hidden Treasure

You’ve got to get off the interstate to get to Half Moon Bay but it’s well worth the drive. There is something there for everyone.

Playing in the Dirt at Lomax Incubator Farm

Would be farmers in Cabarrus County, North Carolina have an opportunity to get their hands dirty at Elma C. Lomax Incubator Farm. This is a unique opportunity for local Farmers-In-Training […]

Pizza and Beer

They say pizza and beer go together so here are some of each.

Jefferson School

Imagine yourself an African American in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1865. You have never been taught to read or write. Suddenly you are a free person. What do you need most […]

From Cowtown to Culture

San Angelo conjures up visions of a place filled with lore and legend. Let’s take a trip into the past to see San Angelo’s early days and the things that […]
7 Mile House circa June 1904. Original owner, Egidio Micheli, center with apron, with partner, Palmiro Testa (right). Lady on the far right back holding baby Ecle is Niccola Testa. Little girl on far right is Eva Testa | Courtesy of 7 Mile House

The Last Mile House Standing

Published by Station KCET about 7 Mile House in San Mateo
Rib dinner at King's Restaurant

Head South for Delicious BBQ

Southerners love their barbecue. Here are some of my favorites.

Landmark Park: A Taste of Rural Life in Alabama’s Wiregrass Area

Landmark Park is a step back to Dothan’s early farm heritage in the 1890s. It pays tribute to the Wiregrass Area agricultural heritage.

They Walked Into History

A visit to The Green McAdoo Cultural Center in Clinton, Tennessee is a lesson in a painful part of American history. One we should all visit.

Oh God For One More Breath

Little known story of mine wars in Anderson County, TN . This one won finalist in NATJA Historic Category awards for 2017

Southern Comfort Food -Table and Main

Did you know Roswell, Georgia is one of the newest up and coming foodie destinations? With over 200 independent restaurants it might be hard to choose where to dine. But, […]

Just Throw Me That There Roll: Lambert’s Cafe

Lambert’s Café in Sikeston Missouri is known for throwing your food at you. Yes, at least the rolls. The rest of the side dishes, they bring to your table and […]

A Piece of Americana Frozen in Time: Red Oak II

The U.S. is full of deserted ghost towns, but sometimes ghost towns can be reincarnated. Such is the case in Red Oak II near Carthage, Missouri just off Route 66.

Awesome Alpharetta

Take a Girlfriend Getaway to Alpharetta, Georgia for fun, food, and shopping.
 the CSS Albermarle at Civil War Naval Musuem in Columbus, GA

Columbus Georgia – Where History is so Close You Can Touch It

Step back in time to 1828 and move through the years in Columbus. There’s Springer Opera, House, Civil War Naval Museum, National Infantry Museum and more.
A Southern Belle inspects the CSS Jackson at Civil War Naval Musuem in Columbus, GA

Columbus Georgia where history is so close you can touch It

Radio show on Big Blend Radio Show about Columbus, GA. Hear about the city’s storied past.

A Georgia Foodie Cruise
Published in Family Motor Coaching Magazine in 2-2018

Old Mill In Abilene, TX

The Old Mill Lives On

The Mill Winery is an unusual combination of old and new. The Texas Mill and Elevator Company was built to meet the needs of the young town of Abilene in […]
Diana's Hotel in San Mateo, CA

Small Hotel- Big Welcome- Dinah’s Garden Hotel

Dinah’s Garden Hotel bills itself, “A lush oasis in the heart of Silicon Valley.” It certainly lives up to that promise.
Todd Syrup Farm in Dothan AL

Todd Syrup Farm: Raising Cane Since 1835

Can you imagine one family raising cane since 1835? Well, that’s just what Joe Todd’s family had been doing.
Ruins in Petra, Jordan

Petra up Close

This is how Lawrence of Arabia summed up Petra in a letter to a friend. He’s right; it must be seen to be fully appreciated.

It’s More Than a Building: Cherry St. AME Church

The story behind the Cherry Street African Methodist Episcopal Church in Dothan, Alabama plays out like a classic drama of good versus evil;
Muslim and American woman at table preparting food at Petra Kitchen

Jordan’s Food Mirrors its History

Take a gastronomical trip through Jordan’s history
kitchen in Kitchentown and Smallman Galley used as Header photo

One Idea Two Ways

Two food incubators in different states. So alike yet so different. Both are fun to visit and do a lot for up-and-coming food entrepreneurs.
Pittsburgh nigh skylight view from Montery Bay Fish Grotto

Monterey Bay Fish Grotto: Dining in a Fish Bow

Monterey Bay Fish Grotto is one of those rare places that is more than the sum of its parts.
Strip district in Pittsburgh used as Header photo

A Trip on The Strip

Pittsburgh was named #1 Food City in the US in 2015 by Zagot. One section of the ‘Burgh stands out as the heart of its foodie movement, The Strip.
Docent at gate of Nash Farms in Grapevine, Texas used as Header photo

Nash Farm: Grapevine’s Window into Yesterday

My favorite Grapevine historic/agri adventure is Nash Farm, the oldest operating farmstead in Tarrant County.
Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, Texas used as Header photo

Everything is Bigger at Gaylord Texan

The Gaylord Texan Resort is six miles from DFW Airport and light years away from average.
Exhibit in Frontier Texas in Abilene used as Header photo

Frontier Texas–It’s for Real

Some museums pack a punch. You walk away feeling “been there, done that” in real time. Frontier Texas is one of those.
Exterior of Filoli in San Mateo County Califonia

Filoli: Not your Average Country Home

Filoli Mansion is a bit off the beaten path and way out of the ordinary. It’s near Woodside about 25 miles south of San Francisco. Many visitors might miss it. […]
San Angelo's Lily Gardens  used as header photo

San Angelo’s Eye Candy

Have you ever wondered where one of the world’s most prestigious collections of waterliles in the US can be found?
Winery in San Mateo County with wine barrels in background and tables with snacks in front  used as header photo

Grown Up Fun in San Mateo County

Sophisticated adults traveling in San Mateo County, California will have a lot of opportunities to taste test some of California’s finest wines and craft beers right at the source.
Tule Princess at dock in San Angelo, TX  used as header photo

Slow Trip in Time on the Tule Princess

Steamboats were at their heights as the world entered the industrial age. You can catch a glimpse of that time on the Tule Princess
Header photo of Agri Lanes showing herd of goats at Harley Farm

Don’t Let Them Get Your Goat: Visit Harley Farms

Come along on a visit to Harley Farms in San Mateo County, meet the goats, they llama protectors and sample the herb infused cheeses made on site.
Nat and Willie Glockenspiel characters on clock tower in Grapevine, TX

A Day in Grapevine

If you can have this much fun in Grapevine, Texas, just think how much you’ll enjoy a longer visit. Published in Weekender Extended
deadwood in front of canyon wall  at Palo Duro Canyon near Amarillo, Texas

Amarillo Anytime

There is so much to do in Amarillo, Texas that anytime is a good time to visit. Published in FWTMagazine
                                Ranch Steakhouse sign

Perini Steakhouse Restaurant and More

Perini Ranch Steakhouse in Buffalo Gap, Texas is well recognized even outside its native Texas, for its many awards but there is more .
Ruins in Jerash, Jordan

Jerash-Jordan’s Other Treasure

There is more to see in Jordan than Petra. Jerash is a archaeological treasure.
Buffalo Gap Village header with cowboy stature lounging on porch

The Real Wild West at Buffalo Gap Village

Buffalo Gap, Texas founded at the site of a natural pass through which bison herds traveled is a glimpse of the Wild West as it really was.
View of Kempinsky hotel and pook and dead sea

Kempinski Hotel Ishtar: Beyond Five-Star Luxury

Living in the lap of luxury on the shore of the Dead Sea. Food, wine, spa and a timeless sea in a mystic land.
Petra Kitchen, Now you're cooking title image

Now You’re Cooking~ Petra Kitchen

What fun to prepare you own meal before dining. It’s even better in an exotic country you are visiting for the first time.
Wadi Rum mountain and desert scene used as header

Wadi Rum: The Ultimate Desert

It’s known as the Valley of the Moon. The landscape of Wadi Rum is so exotic it might well be on some ancient orbiting rock.
<h1>Feynan eco lodge in Dana Biosphere reserve</h1>

Looking out for Mother Earth: Feynan Eco Lodge

Spend the night in a eco-lodge that is totally solar-powered and get close to nature. It’s a trip you’ll never forget.
Ritz Theater in the Lavilla Neighborhood of Jacksonville, Fl

Puttin’ on the Ritz

The original Ritz Theater was constructed in 1929 when Black entertainers followed what was called the “Chittlin’ Circuit”
<h1>Bedouin tents in Wadi Feynan</h1>

Life in a Bedouin Tent

Get up close and personal with local Bedouins. Share their lifestyle. The experience of a lifetime.

Cypress swamp wiht Jim Gary sculptures at Tallahassee Musuem used as header

Touch of Old Florida: The Tallahassee Museum

With most museums, you expect to find all the exhibits tucked away neatly in a building. Tallahassee Musuem is so different. It’s like a time capsule of Tallahassee’s cultural and […]
<H1>Mesa Verde Country: On the Trail of the Ancients</H1>

Mesa Verde Country: On the Trail of the Ancients: Part One

Some of American’s most intriguing mysteries surround the Anasazi culture of Mesa Verde. Modern Anthropology is uncovering many secrets

The Other James Boy

Say “outlaw” and “James” in the same sentence and everyone responds “Jesse James.” Remember there was another brother. Published in Legends of America.
Treasury, the highlight of Petra

Petra: An Ancient Wonder

How well Lawrence of Arabia summed up Petra. It must be seen to be fully appreciated. Published in Weekender Extended
Bellevue  at Tallahassee Museum

Classie Tallahassee

As befits the capital of a southern city, Tallahassee is pretty classy. There’s nothing plastic or theme park-ish about Tallahassee. (in Weekender Extended)

Niagara’s Other Side: Canada’s Niagara

Published in Lagniappe take a look at what’s on the other side of Niagara Falls. Canada knows how to surround Niagara Falls with glamour and glitz also.

Birth of the Civil Rights Movement

St. Augustine where it all began. In the 1700s, enslaved people were escaping not to the north, but south to Spanish Florida and the African American colony of Fort Mose.